ScoutsHomecoming Organic Farm welcomes Scouts who are looking to volunteer their time in their community as well as providing mentoring to young men who are looking to create an Eagle Scout project or young women who are working on their Gold and Silver Medal Award Girl Scout projects.

Please call 631-842-6000 x307.


Christopher DiScalfani created a tool shed with a duty roster that welcomes all of our visitors to the farm and keeps them up-to-date with farm news. (2010)

Craig Davidson, with the generous assistance of Mick Makinajian of Makinajian Poultry Farm & Country Store in Huntington, created an organic berry bed of raspberries and blueberries.  The best mulch on Earth, Sweet Peet  was generously provided to keep the soil enriched while we wait for the berries to grow!

Gazebo2 Gazebo1

Matt Carrigan: built a custom gazebo for Sophia Garden with access for the disabled as part of his Eagle Scout project. (2012)


Kristen Howard: built the raised planting beds for strawberries (2010)

Morgan Maxwell: Developed a Documentary including  the Farm (2011)

Kelsey Koetzner: Built Work Station Tables (2011)

Joanna Urli: Created a Leadership Program for Autistic Teens bringing them to the farm for their service project.  (2013)