Board of Directors

S. Jeanne Clark, OP

President of the Board
Environmental & Peace Activist

S. Eileen Corcoran, OP

Pastoral Associate
Mary Queen of Martyrs Church, Centerport

Kathleen M. Eagen

Partner, Ernst & Young

Tracey Gittere

President, Legendary Events, Inc.

Roberta Kaznocha

Vice President New Business Development
Sundial Creations

S. Margaret Mayce, OP

NGO Representative of the Sisters of St. Dominic at the UN

Jayne Ann McPartlin, Esq.

Law Guardian Bureau,
Chief Attorney

Martin Melkonian

Adjunct Associate Professor
Economics, Hofstra University
Founder, The Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives

S. Peggy Warren, OP

Councilor for Wellness
Sisters of St. Dominic

Elizabeth M. Keihm

Executive Director

Development Committee

Susan MacDonald, Chairperson

Daniel Gale Sotheby
Garden City

S. Jeanne Clark, OP
S. Eileen Corcoran
Susan Erlich-Krompier
Elizabeth M. Keihm
Taryn Rella
Mitch Winston
Marie Wipper